Auto Belay Devices: With the increased popularity of indoor climbing, mobile rock climbing walls and home rock climbing walls the need for a “ silent partner” has never been more apparent. Auto belay devices allow a single climber to climb by themselves in total safety. As the climber ascends the wall the ABD automatically takes in the rope. If the climber comes away from the face the ABD instantly arrests the climber, then automatically lowers the climber to the ground, all without the need for a second person

T-nuts: An integral part of the hand hold anchoring system. We can supply t-nuts zinc plated, stainless steel, in small numbers or in large bulk orders. For recommended t-nut densities for high walls and bouldering walls, please contact us.

Bolts: An integral part of the hand hold anchoring system. We supply the standard 2 inch bolts zinc plated or in stainless steel and can cater for small or bulk orders upon request.

Bolt Tool:  
Rock Technology has gone to great lengths to develop its own bolt tightening tool. The aim was to develop a tool that would provide better leverage, minimise the risk of dropping the tool whilst in use and speed up tightening and loosening of the bolt during route setting.

Top and ground anchors: Many options are available for the anchoring systems depending on the venue and the user group. For more information please contact 
Rock Technology.

Safety Flooring: The ‘touch down’ area where the climber lands once they have finished the climb, is an important safety issue. In an outdoor setting a landing area is achieved by using ‘Soft Fall’. In an indoor situation there are other options available depending on the venue and the type of rock climbing wall. If you have an existing wall or you want to integrate safety flooring with a new wall we will give you guidance as to the best option and install it in conjunction with a compatible ground anchor system.