Outdoor rock climbing walls take two forms - free standing towers and panel systems built against existing structures (retrofit). Both options can be constructed in the Ply Rock system or Fibre Rock system.

All rock climbing walls are customised to suit your purposes and user groups. This ensures that the rock climbing wall meets your specific requirements.
At Rock Technology all outdoor structures are built to meet international standards for rock climbing. Outdoor walls provide flexibility and diversity in terms of the design that can be applied. As a result, design features are only limited by the imagination of the client and the designer at Rock Technology.

Features such as steep walls, overhangs are particularly conducive to the outdoor environment, as well as crack systems, seams, bulges, arêtes, pockets and any other feature found in a natural rock face. The client’s design brief ultimately dictates the style and features of the rock climbing wall. 

Climbing walls comply with state building codes, and withstand wind loading specifications